Reviews on the game Buffalo King for real money

Buffalo King slot machine was released in the summer of 2019 and belongs to the famous company Pragmatic Play. The slot instantly gained huge popularity and appeared in all licensed casinos. Of the distinctive features, it is worth highlighting special signs – Wild and Scatter. The first plays the role of a multiplier, and the second trigger a round of free spins. Play for money in Buffalo King is interesting and exciting, and all due to the payoff of 96% and 4,096 prize combinations.

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Everyone has the right to enjoy the free version of the video slot. You do not have to register and make a deposit. Make bets with virtual credits and soon you will understand the features of the mechanics, remember the basic winning sequences and learn to win big money during the bonus level. The minimum bet is only 0.4 cents, and the maximum bet reaches $60.


Oliver, 35
Feedback: I regularly play Buffalo King for free

I was fed up with my boring job and the eternal problems with my wife. I was really happy when I found out about this machine. Even the free version is great comes in and lifts my spirits when I win. Pity of course, that you can not cash out. But little by little I understand the mechanics and begin to understand what algorithm the machine works. I plan to deposit $ 1,000 for the first time today and take a chance after all.

Буффало Кинг приложение
Jack, 32
Feedback: Top slot with an RTP of 96%


My first encounter with the game was unsuccessful. I lost all my money in 15 minutes and got upset. Then I read the reviews and chose one of the many strategies. It took only 30 minutes and not only won back but also went in the plus of $ 1,400.

Буффало Кинг демо
Harry, 21
Feedback: I like playing Buffalo King


I signed up on one site and played probably a hundred or two slots. For free, of course. Soon I realized that the games are practically the same. Only different symbols, and payoffs, some have bonuses and additional levels. When I started playing Buffalo King, really glad I found this slot. Awesome graphics, great gameplay and so often have not yet won.

Буффало Кинг фри спины
Jacob, 41
Feedback: a cool slot with simple controls

This is my first time playing in an online casino and I am glad that the acquaintance started with Buffalo King. Although I am not in the subject, I quickly figured out how to manage, and how bet and to withdraw money. Immediately deposited $200 and cashed out $800 a few hours later. The multipliers fall out often, and the bonus level in general pleased with a large number of free spins.

Буффало Кинг играть на деньги
Charley, 40
Feedback: I wish I had just started playing Buffalo King


During my life, I have played with various stationary and online machines. I lost a lot, of course, but there were also big winnings. This slot broke all the stereotypes associated with online casinos. When I found a working strategy on the same day and withdrew 52k, the money came to the card for 1 minute. I recommend using proven tactics and guaranteed to win.

Буффало Кинг играть онлайн
Thomas, 28
Feedback: The game Buffalo King has won $ 1,700

My friends told me how they withdrew a lot of money from the casino and on a daily basis. I, of course, laughed for a long time and did not believe it. Then I returned home and decided to try it myself. For the first hour, I played for free. I managed to increase the bank to $ 1700. And then I believed in my strength and replenished my account for $250.

Буффало Кинг стратегия
Oscar, 19
Feedback: It’s easy to win at BuffaloKing

The machine differs from the others and the most important factor is the 4,096 prize combinations. It’s unrealistically easy to win the jackpot if you don’t dumb down and stick to some kind of strategy.

buffalo king strategy
James, 42 years
Feedback: Buffalo King slot for money is the best

I doubted that I would win. That’s why I only deposited $100 in my account. I played on the minimum and did not take much risk. Started to fall frequently multipliers and earn 20 free spins. Just 30 minutes later withdrew $360 from the card.

Игра Буффало Кинг онлайн
William, 33 years
Feedback: really liked the Buffalo King video slot

Usually, it’s the ads on YouTube that piss me off, but this one caught me off, guard. I clicked on the link right away and got a great signup bonus. Doubled the bank played its part and helped win. I have not withdrawn any money yet. I think I to try other machines.

Как играть в Буффало Кинг
Melissa, 31
Feedback: Buffalo King game – plus $1,100

The game was recommended by my husband. Before that, I loved all sorts of farms, and then they got bored. Too boring and monotonous everything. I played for free for a few days and then saw the model by which the slot works. In the evening I managed to withdraw $ 1100. My husband was very surprised. He only two months later came out to that amount.

Слот Буффало Кинг
Mason, 33
Feedback: The adrenaline is off the charts, an explosion of emotions.

Just hilarious gameplay. Colorful animation, bright pictures, and exciting gameplay. My heart skips a beat when I realize I’ve won, but I don’t know how much yet.

Стратегия Буффало Кинг
Michael, 33
Feedback: Buffalo King simple slot machine

Nothing special, except Megaways and good multipliers. There are a lot of similar slots, except that the theme is cool. I advise you to check out the free version first.

простой игровой автомат Buffalo King
Daniel, 27
Feedback: BuffaloKing slot gives you a chance to win

I hadn’t played in a casino in a long time after I lost almost all of my paycheck. I thought my wife would kick me out and divorce me. So I promised to stop gambling. Only lasted six months. Then I heard about this machine and decided to take my chances. I poured only $ 50 into the account and withdrew almost 10k. My wife was happy and even let me play, but only sometimes.

слот BuffaloKing даёт выиграть
Max, 25
Feedback: I play Buffalo King every day

For a long time, I could not find a game to my liking. Constantly bored with the monotonous images, boring gameplay, and small winnings. I liked this slot from the first minute and now a day does not pass without playing it.

в Buffalo King играю каждый день
Tim, 20
Feedback: Buffalo King machine is honest

The game is cool if the payoff is not tweaked and everything is fair. I advise playing at licensed casinos that have valid license and certificates from eCOGRA.

автомат Buffalo King честный
Andrew, 24 года
Feedback: My favorite Buffalo-King slot

Studying was boring, and so was Counter-Strike. My friends advised me to sign up at an online casino. At first, I didn’t want to lose money. I had bad associations with such resources. Then I played for free and read the reviews. The comments convinced me that it was real to win if I did not play too hard and withdraw money more often. I listened and on the first day, I requested to withdraw $900. Money came to Visa in 5 minutes.

отзыв Буффало кинг
Robert, 34
Feedback: I like Buffalo King Megaways better

As far as I do not understand all sorts of games, this is straightforward and understandable. In a couple of minutes mastered the interface and controls. Even won a little, although 160 dollars, but still nice.

мне больше нравится Buffalo King Megaways