Strategies and tactics for playing Buffalo King slot

Buffalo King slot from PragmaticPlay has high volatility and RTP 96.06%. The return rate is above “academic” values of 95%. It is possible to win in the slot. In this article, we will figure out how to make money in Buffalo King and what tricks you should use.

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What is the volatility and RTP in Buffalo King

The main technical indicators of the slot are considered volatility and RTP. According to the parameter dispersion commonly distinguished games of three types:

  • low (wins are frequent, but the amounts are small);
  • medium (speed of falling out and the size of the prizes at an average level);
  • high (winning spins are rare, but multipliers are good).

RTP shows what percentage of money the slot pays players. The higher the parameter, the more chances to win.

The strategy of the game in Buffalo King Slot should take into account the listed parameters. It should be understood that this machine pays not often, but the winnings can bring serious dividends.

Game tactics for Buffalo King

High dispersion of the slot will allow for different tactics of the game. Conventionally they can be divided by readiness for risk. Consider the recommendations for VIP clients and more cautious users.

Buffalo King Slot – how to win in the game for money with a big budget

All lovers of big bets are united by their willingness to take risks. Such users can without much trouble play at the maximum limits. The scheme of the game for them is very simple:

  1. You start the slot.
  2. Set the maximum value of the spin.
  3. Beginning rotation.

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It is better to play no more than 5-6 rounds. If the slot does not give out prizes, it is recommended to move to another slot. Such tactics can be called universal. It is excellent for other slots with an increased level of volatility.

To increase the chances of success, we advise you to use one trick. Many casinos have an information feed with a description of current winnings. It is recommended to open the slot only after assessing the situation. It is necessary to see whether the game started to pay, and only after that run Buffalo King. The specified machine from Pragmatic Play is popular, use it often. Therefore, the names of the winners in the news feed casino appear with a fair degree of regularity.

How to play with a minimum budget or a beginner

The following strategy game Buffalo King Slot for money is more suitable for cautious users. Technical parameters show that the machine is ready to pay rarely, but at once gives big winnings. This means that the player needs to wait for a series of unsuccessful bets. The algorithm is simple:

  1. You open the slot.
  2. Set the minimum bet.
  3. Start the rotation.
  4. Waiting for 10-15 consecutive losing spins.
  5. Raise your bet and play to win.

According to statistics, in 70% of cases after a series of defeats, the machine gives an impressive prize. However, it is advised to take into account a few nuances.

This tactic for the game Buffalo King is applicable only with correct calculations. It is necessary to distribute the bank. The money should be enough for the initial losses, and spins after increasing the bet. Otherwise, the player runs the risk of draining the balance to zero and not getting the winnings.

Attention: the tactic is ready to give a solid profit in the future, but it will not provide a 100% guarantee of getting in the black at a distance.

How to play not allowed

Now we should deal with how you can not play and what models of behavior can lead to long-term losses. We strongly advise you not to search for or buy all sorts of models for hacking Buffalo King. The development of the slot was a studio with a worldwide reputation. Pragmatic Play invests serious money in the game. Provider provides a high level of protection for each slot. “Hack” or calculating the algorithm of the machine is impossible.

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Also, do not use software to automate the gameplay. Casino uses special programs to calculate such users. Companies consider such actions to be fraudulent. The result can be temporary or permanent blocking of the gaming account.

Additional tips
Use casino bonuses for Buffalo King

This tip is not only suitable for Buffalo King. With its application process of earning in Buffalo King and other slots will be much more promising. Recommended to get and use all available casino bonuses. Companies are trying to attract new customers, so they are actively distributing funds on an additional balance. Prizes can be obtained for depositing, betting on certain slots, and many other activities.

What to do with buying a bonus round

Playing a bonus round increases a customer’s chances of earning money. However, its purchase will cost x75 of the size of the current bet. It is better to use such mechanics for those who have a good game bank.